MINI PENNY: May 2020

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

You've Got Nail 95 // Introducing Mini Penny Nail Stickers

Hey everyone! Wow, I really thought I was going to be on top of Mini Penny during quarantine. But I'm 72 days into this and I've given you only two posts. How did I manage that? Where did the last couple of months go? I hope you are all able to stay home and healthy. This period has certainly taken its toll on me (emotionally, mentally, financially), but things are finally feeling like they are getting easier. I've been filling my days with Animal Crossing, 90 Day Fiance, and projects. I went the first month and a half with no nails — which, yes, is odd for me. I just figured why do my nails if no one is going to see them? But then after a while, I remembered that I love nails and I missed doing them. In a bid to find some new ways to do them, I busted out my Cricut machine and got to work. I have created a few different styles of nail art stickers, all of which are now available in my Etsy Shop! Click through to see the three new styles and how to use them.

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