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Monday, August 3, 2020

Pastel Stripes

Back again with more color! I feel like I've been very deliberate with my purchases during quarantine. I can't tell you how much I miss thrift stores and boutiques. I haven't ordered much clothing, but when I have it's been for coveted items like this bag from Big Bud Press (and yes I got a jumpsuit! More on that later), my dream leopard romper, and this pastel striped dress from an old favorite hometown store, Tigertree.

We haven't been to H-Mart in at least four months. I mean, damn, we've barely left home in four months. Our only ventures outside are to walk the dog, get groceries, and make the occasional drop off at UPS. We had a package mistakenly delivered to my boyfriend's old address, so we swung by the West Loop to get it — and then took a nice long walk to our beloved H-Mart. It was good timing because we happened to just used the last of our mirin and haven't been able to find it at any of the grocery stores within walking distance of home. We picked up some of our favorite snacks, some fish cakes, and yogurt soju (my F A V O R I T E). It was a good day — despite the overall anxiety of being in close quarters with people, it was somewhat close to feeling "normal."

Speaking on those favorite stores I miss — Tigertree. I know I've mentioned them over the years (especially way way back when I lived in Columbus) and they're one of my must-stops every time I go home. Last Thanksgiving I stopped in and picked up the best fluffy beanie I've ever owned and an adorable Hocking Hills sticker, which lives on my 2020 planner as a nice reminder of where I grew up. I was gutted to find that they're closing their physical store in the Short North. Trips home just won't be the same! At least they are keeping their online store, but are closing out all of their clothing. Right now you can get 25% off all apparel with the code BYESTORE25. I bought this dress back when it was only 10% off and it's worth every penny (for reference, I'm 5'1" and about 115lbs and bought the XS). It's so light and airy, plus the colors are super fun. I managed to snag a pair of Levi's shorts I've been wanting for a while, too! They have so much cute stuff and they're really great folks, so swing by and pick up a few things before they're gone! ♥ 

You know, with everything that is going on in the United States, every day I think more and more about how I would like to leave. I'm so lucky that my social circle is full of aware, intelligent, and empathic people. But the overarching cultural attitude of exceptionalism and individualism is something I'm find more and more difficult to relate to. We would love to move to Mexico or Japan or Korea, but have really created of laundry lists of places we'd be open to relocating to — that is, if it were safe in terms of the virus and/or if those countries were willing to take Americans. Have you lived abroad or is it something you would ever consider? Where would you like to go?

It's just a thought I have and has probably contributed to me buying a lot less this year. With not knowing exactly what the near future is going to bring, I've found a lot of comfort in controlling what I'm allow into my space — both physically and mentally.

Everyday Tote Bag, Big Bud Press
Native Youth Moriz Dress, Tigertree (25% off with code BYESTORE25)
White Scarf, Vintage [ similar | similar ]
Geometric Necklace, Madewell [ similar ]

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