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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cold Shoulder

Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been thus far? Well, mine has been pretty lovely, except for the sunburn I'm rocking right now! Youch!

Around noon we hit up Grandview Pool. It's really nice there and was recently remodeled. Early on it was fairly empty. By the time we left around three o'clock it was slammed. I sported my newest vintage bikini top with my American Apparel high-waisted briefs and spent the afternoon on my lovely Pendleton towel. I popped in the pool a few times to cool off.

I love the Pendleton towel collection. I have Chief Joseph colorway. Sure, it was rather expensive, but I know that it's going to last me a long time. I would much rather spend the dough on this collection than those thin and icky towels from Target and the likes. You can pick up your own through Pendleton Woolen Mills or Urban Outfitters (where I purchased mine).

When we left the pool we really didn't think we had gotten much sun. But after getting home and showering I realized how wrong we were. I have the worst burn line on my little tush! But as I know, it will fade.

Now we're at home and relaxing. We are about to cook up some vegetarian BLT sandwiches. Have you ever tried the Morning Star Veggie Bacon Strips? As someone who is omnivorous, I do admit that I love these things. I haven't had pork-bacon in a long time since I switched to turkey-bacon years ago. But this fake bacon (facon!) is really delicious and has a great texture. I recommend it to everyone!

As for my outfit, I wanted to go with comfort today. I DIYed this shirt a few weeks ago from a thrifted denim top. I got the idea from Urban Outfitters but decided to make my own when I saw some other fashion bloggers wearing the style. I ended up really liking it! These are my favorite leggings, too — they're suedette. It's the perfect softness for my sunburnt bum! I bought these leopard heels about four years ago from Target and love how long they've lasted.

Tomorrow I think that I'm going thrifting with my momma. So fun! Have you enjoyed a lazy Sunday?

DIY Denim shirt, thrift + DIY
Suedette Leggings, Forever 21
Ecoté Gold belt, UO
Shark Tooth necklace, Shedd Aquarium
Mossimo Leopard Print heels, Target

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