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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Color Blocking

I'm so excited about today's outfit. This is my first attempt at color blocking and I really am happy with it.

Geoff went out skateboarding this morning and afterwards I wanted to get my hair evened out. Andrea at Lucky 13 Salon gave my hair a much needed trim. I've been trying to grow my hair out for ages and it was getting a little rough (at least to me, anyway). They have an interesting little salon — plus their logo is adorable. Not to mention that their walls are plastered with magazine cutouts — at my station there was even a cutout of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess! It was a nice reminder off the inspirations I see from other bloggers on a daily basis.

After getting my hair washed, cut, and styled (I love salons!), we hit up a couple of thrift stores. It was a hot one again today, but I found some uh-may-zing items that I'll be sharing on Monday! So pumped! Well, I suppose I can give you a sneak peek....

I bought these shoes today (and am also wearing them in my outfit, because I was so excited that I had to put 'em on immediately!). I bought these for four dollars. They're vintage. They're handmade. They're leather. They're made in Italy. And they're perfect!

Also, I want to just say that I'm so stinkin' obsessed with the E.L.F. Studio Face Primer I got last week. In the recent post, my initial reaction was "Yeah, this stuff is great!" I have quickly realized how amazing this product is. It makes my skin look so smooth and oil-free all day. I'm not exaggerating. It was in the upper 80s today, we were outside, it was muggy, and I'm still looking like a million bucks. I love you, E.L.F.!

Blue tank, Target
Purple skirt, Thrift refashion (hemmed, sized)
Navy stretch belt, Thrifted
Vintage Italian handmade suede heels, Thrifted
Crystal Amethyst Necklace, DIY

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