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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Favorite iPhone Apps

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my iPhone. I got my first one back in 2007 right after they came out (and when they didn't have subsidized deals — ouch!) and haven't gone back to anything else since. As someone who really loves beautifully design products, I always recommend people to this product.

There are many times when people ask me for app suggestions. While there are many apps and games that I like, there are a handful that I use on a daily basis. And while I love how informative The Weather Channel app is, or how much info I can shove in the Notes program, there are a few that really stand out to me as being addictive, useful, and well-designed!

1. Calvetica — In all honesty, I have never really cared for the native calendar app. I like the simple and straightforward approach. I use it synced with Google Calendar to keep my ducks in a row. Cost: Free trial version available, full app for $2.99.

2. Angry Birds —Okay. Let me start by saying that I know everyone already loves this game. But I L-O-V-E this game. It's a little part puzzle and little part destruction. I have every version of it (original, Seasons, and Rio) and have been working hard to get three stars on each stage and teach those piggies a lesson! There are also free versions of each app in the store so you can try before you buy. But beware! This is very addicting! Oh, and did you know that you can play it online? Cost: Free trial versions available, $0.99 for each full version.

3. Instagram — Are you surprised I included this? Of course not! I love Instagram. It's probably my most-used app. It's free, simple, and beautiful! In the future I might do a separate post about camera apps (because trust me, I have a lot). Instagram is free and easy to use. Feel free to follow me. My username is Chaplinnn. Cost: FREE!

4. Piggie — I'm getting better as using this daily. I bank with Chase, and while their app is fairly easy to use, it's not as beautiful as this one. Sure, I have to track my own spending, but that's just a better way for me to keep track of where my money is going. Speaking of keeping track, I love statistics! Piggie gracefully displays how much of my money is going to food, bills, etc, and also where it's coming from! Cost: FREE!

5. Words With Friends — I am obsessed with Scrabble. While the board on Words isn't exactly the same, it has a similar concept. I love that I can connect and play with my friends across the country. There's also in-game chat capability so you can share your woes of being stuck with all vowels. Feel free to start a game with me (username: jessiebarber). I use the free version, but the ads can be a tad annoying. They pop up after every move. Not a major deal, but you get it. Cost: Free version available, $1.99 to experience it without ads. 

6. Pinhole Cam — From my understanding, this is a bit lesser known app. I adore it. It gives a great dreamy effect and even allows double exposure! Note: upon looking this up in the app store, it looks as though it has been pulled. I'm not sure why, and even sent the developer an email with an error message returned. I've left them a Facebook comment, so I hope to hear back soon! There are other pinhole-simulation apps in the store, but they don't appear to have double exposure settings. Anyone have any suggestions? Cost: N/A.

7. Diptic — There are many ways to do diptychs incorrectly, but this app gets it so right. I like to use this to chop together a few images and then import them into Instagram! It works well enough that I can overlook the fact that the icon is ugly. Cost: $1.99 

8. Hipstamatic — I debated on whether or not to include Hipstamatic in my list. It used to be my hands-down favorite. There are so many different combinations with film, lens, and flashes that there are virtually hundreds and hundreds of results. I have paid extra to have every HipstaPak. My only qualm is that (and I really that this isn't the point of this app) I wish you were able to apply the effects after you shoot the image. I understand that they prefer it be more like film — random, quick, and unexpected. But sometimes I'm trying to just shoot something really quickly and edit it later. In this case, it doesn't always work out as you would like (and sometimes you can lose a moment!). Also, I have ordered prints from them through the phone, they were mailed quickly, and of exceptional quality! I certainly recommend it for shots you love! Cost: $1.99 + additional per each special HipstaPak (usually $0.99).

So there you have it! Which apps are your favorites? I love finding new toys to play with, so feel free to leave a comment and leave me a suggestion!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Apple nor these app developers. All images are pulled directly from the app or the developer's website.

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