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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Field Guide

I actually had these photos ready a few hours ago but here I am at 9pm and finally updating my outfit post. See, what happened was that I was happily editing photos on the sofa and watching The Office, and the next thing I knew, Geoff was waking me up to see if I was ready to start dinner with him. I managed to fall asleep on the couch with my MacBook Pro in my lap! Whoops!

Well, I suppose that it had something to do with the fact that I was up at 5:30am for work today. My weekend was its normal length, but for some reason it seemed like I was on a week's vacation. That's a good thing, right? We've been doing an awesome job at squeezing a lot of stuff into our weekends.

My shift at work was normal, and I picked up an extra one tomorrow. I have a lot of things to do at home, but I didn't want to turn down hours this week. I was stoked because Tish is back from her vacation and she worked this morning with me. If you don't know Tish, she just started up a beauty blog called Grace and Gold Beauty. She knows lots about cosmetics and always has awesome recommendations. She was the one who helped convince me to order ELF cosmetics a few weeks ago.

Speaking of ELF, they're celebrating their 7-year birthday! Today they had an awesome discount code for 60% off your entire order! I wish I could have updated earlier today to share it with you all, but it ended at 7pm. They're continuing their other various sales for the next week or so I believe, so check them out on Facebook for more deals. I made an order and am stoked to get them in!

I also receive my Lime Crime lipstick in D'Lilac today. I will be reviewing it this week in a video and blog post. It's a really weird color, but it's growing on me. I can't wait to use it in an outfit post!

Now on to today's outfit. I nabbed this dress during the weekend thrift haul. It's lovely and lightweight. I wanted to throw something simple on today and this worked out just fine. After picking Geoff up from work, we headed towards the Ohio State University's agricultural section to use their corn fields for a back drop. Isn't it weird that I grew up in the country (as in coooountry) and have never been in a corn field? Maybe. It was just under one hundred degrees out, so by the time we shot these, we were ready to get into the air conditioning. Sweaty!

Leopard Print shirt dress, thrifted
Brown stretch belt, thrifted
Ecoté braided sandals, UO
Orange sunburst earrings, Claire’s
Wooden lazercut necklace, gift
Ray Ban Wayfarer IIs, thrifted

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