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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Flour Mill

Today was what I'd consider to be a perfectly lazy Sunday. It seems like Geoffrey and I always have so much energy and are always running around and doing something to fill our time. Since we are still in the middle of this heat wave, we took today to rest (well, at least a little) and get some things finished around the apartment.

Neither of us are very good at sleeping in and I woke up to Geoff fixing delicious omelets. We sat around for a bit in our AC and watched an interesting film on Netflix called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It's a documentary following two people who undergo a 60-day detox diet, only drinking juice that they make from organic fruits and vegetables and a juicer. Part of me questioned the film maker's story (he ended up losing 80 some pounds after the 60 days), but then they follow a second man who lost 200+ pounds. While I'm content with my size, I wonder if a week-long detox would do anything for my overall health. Have any of you ever dried a short juice fast? I love fruits and veggies, so I don't think it would be too difficult of a challenge for me.

Afterwards we stopped by Target to pick up some things for the cat, and then by our favorite bike shop, Paradise Garage, to pick up some chain lube for the bikes. Geoff's fixie was showing some serious resistance but now seems back to normal. We grabbed some groceries, and some black raspberry ice cream sandwiches (!!), and made it home before it started storming.

This shirt started out as a really boxy 2XL top that I thrifted. I wanted a leopard crop, so I took it in just a bit and cut it short. It's one of my go-to shirts.

Now that it's storming, our internet is going mega-slow and Netflix is a little sticky.  Kitty is resting and we're about to make dinner. How did you spend your Sunday?

Leopard crop top, refashioned thrift
Basic brown cotton skirt, Forever 21
BDG Double wrap belt, UO
Kimchi Blue flats, UO
Found objects necklace, DIY
Braided headband, Forever 21

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