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Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

I suppose that the title of this post doesn't really reflect on what I did today. It was quite un-Manic — actually it was rather lazy. Due to the heat advisory, I only left the apartment to pick Geoff up from work and go to the grocery store. It hit 100°+ today and has been humid since about seven AM. The only "exciting" thing that happened was that my MacBook Pro had it's ninth kernal panic. I've been backing up my hard drive all day in preparation to take this thing in to the Genius Bar. I'm definitely not looking forward to it!

When we shot these photos, there were some very dark storm clouds rolling in from the north. Right after we snapped the last one, it started pouring. The wind was a bit insane, so perhaps that's where the term "manic" can come in (?).

It's back to work tomorrow for me. I'm hoping that it at least cools down a bit. I can't complain about getting to spend the morning in some A/C though, right?

H&M striped dress, thrifted
Red stretch belt, thrifted
Steve Madden black heels, thrifted
Black braided headband, Forever 21
Found objects necklace, DIY

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