MINI PENNY: New Sally Hansen Salon Effects Patterns!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Sally Hansen Salon Effects Patterns!

I can't contain my excitement over this news! Geoffrey and I were just at the grocery store when I noticed a new display in the cosmetics section. At first I just thought they were showcasing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail decals that I had come to love, but as I approached it I was happy to see that there are new styles available! HOORAY! See more after the jump.

Feel free to click the photo above to enlarge. The new patterns are as follows: Wicked Bamboo (vertical neutral stripes), Show Me Your Stripes (a bluish zig-zag pattern), Ay Ay Captain (blue and white nautical stripes), Don't Get Catty (hot pink leopard print) and Check, Please (black and white Vans-esque checkerboard pattern). I'm totally in love with all of them, but I'd say that my favorites are probably the Ay Ay Captain and the Don't Get Catty. The Wicked Bamboo is pretty amazing as well.

I'm no stranger to these nail decals. This photo shows my nails just a few weeks ago with the houndstooth pattern that has been available for quite some time. I actually am still sporting these on my toes! I've been meaning to to an in-depth review on this product for a while but simply haven't gotten around to writing or videoing it.

Another awesome part is that since I have short nails, I can actually double the usage and cover my toes as well! I love cutesy toes, don't you?

For those of you who aren't familiar, these are basically nail "stickers." They're not like normal stickers, though, because they last so long. Mine usually stay on my fingers for about 2-3 weeks and my toes for even longer. Keep in mind that I work in shipping/receiving for retail and constantly work with my hands. Normal nail polish really takes a beating and usually only lasts me a day or two. The Sally Hansen nail decals usually cost anywhere between $8-$10 and I have even seen them in stores like Walgreens and Ulta for buy-one-get-one-half-price! I strongly recommend that you give these a try.

The first set I tried were the golden-bronzeish leopard print. I was shocked at how long they lasted. I've also sported the multi-colored glitter and houndstooth as mentioned. My next choice was going to be the faux-denim, but now that I have these five new designs on my mind, I'll probably be scooping them up this week (maybe even tomorrow)!

Have you tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects or any other nail decals? Which are your favorites?

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