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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paradise Engineering

Hello, hello! Right now I have a lovely dish of creamy Caprese pasta casserole in the oven and thought I'd share today's outfit with all of you. Like I mentioned in Monday's thrift weekend post, I have been searching up and down for white shorts. I've become borderlined obsessed with finding white clothing for the summer (which is a new for me, since I normally don't own much white at all). It's hard to find clean, white clothes while thrifting. These shorts were Paper Denim and Cloth pants that I scored for $6. And by "I",  what I really mean is Geoff. He bought them for me because he knew I wanted 'em so badly. These are the Sienna cut which originally retailed for about $175. Amazing find, right? I was shocked when I discovered the starting price.

Anyway, this outfit was loosely inspired by Claire L. Evans. Claire is part of a music experience known as Y▲CHT. I've been really into this band for a few days and have always found them fascinating. Recently Geoff and I had the amazing experience of seeing them play live. It was honestly one of the best performances I have ever watched. They mostly played songs that I hadn't heard yet from their then-upcoming album. I didn't know any of the words but I had to dance along! The new album, Shangri-La, came out last month and it's been a standard on my playlist!

At the Wexner Center show, Claire was wearing all white whilst Jona was in all black. It was such a nice contrast and blank canvas for their music! They're both lovely and interesting people.

I also took off my Sally Hansen houndstooth nail decals today. They were taking more of a beating than usual, so I painted my fingers with an Urban Outfitters nude/beige and topped them with Essie Matte top coat! They are so pretty. I love nude tones! My hair was being super crazy and big today, too! What gives? I had a few minutes of downtime, so I stitched together this cute little coin purse. I saw the pattern on I Still Love You and knew I had to give it a whirl. I didn't have any leather nor suede, so I used some leftover denim from a southwestern print skirt and the stiff white denim from my cutoff Paper Denim and Cloth jeans. I stitched it and turned it inside out, then attached the snaps. I think it's adorable. I want to get my hands on some leather/pleather/suede so I can make one like she posted! Check out her blog, it's to die for!

Don't you love this D'Lilac lipstick from Lime Crime? It's so wonderful, even when it starts to fade (which takes a loooong time)!

Vintage sheer blouse, thrifted
Paper denim and cloth shorts, thrifted (and cut off)
Handmade woven belt, thrifted
Wooden lasercut necklace, gift
Kimchi Blue flats, UO
Wayfarer sunnies, UO

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