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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty in Pink

We got a pretty late start on today. I "slept in" — 10am is late for me — while Geoffrey went out skateboarding. After he came home and we straightened up the apartment a bit, we decided to head to Heritage Square Antique Mall.

While Geoff was out, though, I washed my hair and decided to try the pin curl technique. I didn't have any clips, so I used bobby pins. Either way, I left 'em in for a few hours and let my hair dry. I think they turned out pretty cute! The only thing I had to do was use the curling iron a little bit on the back. And yes, the back of my iPhone is still shattered...

So on our way, we stopped at the Grandview Carryout just to grab some tea, and I met some little kitties! There are a few convenient stores around here that have "shop cats" and I got up to this little black and white buddy named Harp. He has a Charlie Chaplin mustache!

Okay, enough cat-lady talk for now. There were lots of awesome things at the antique mall (included ceramic cats! Sorry, I had to...). I bought a few things, but certainly admired this silly vintage men's undergarment box and anchor glassware set. The illustration on the underwear box is so funny. Who is taking notes and smoking pipes whilst in their underpants? And why do they both vaguely look like Norm MacDonald?

So I ended up with an amazing dress, a bolo tie, a clip-on bow tie (as pictured), and a needlepoint purse. I will be sharing all of these wonderful finds in a post on Monday!

I want to share this little DIY tip with you. My top is not actually a top! I have a cotton oblong cotton scarf (from I don't know where!) that I wrapped around and knotted in the back. Then I brought the two sides around an tucked them into my shorts. I wanted to leave a little triangle of skin just for fun. It was comfy and cool enough for the hot heat. These shorts were from last weekend's thrift haul. All I had to do to them was bring them in a little and shorten the legs.

What are you getting into this weekend?

Scarf worn as a wrapped top, unknown
Pink polka dot shorts, Mini Penny (buy them here)
Stretch black belt, thrifted
Black clip on bow tie, Heritage Square Antique Mall
Kimchi Blue black flats, UO

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