MINI PENNY: Refashioned Green Dress

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Refashioned Green Dress

I think what I like the most about having days off from work are the projects that I can get finished. It's early and I was able to whip up this awesome refashion!

I bought this mint green starburst dress in this weekend's thrift haul and somehow managed to miss it in my Thrifty Monday post. I had it folded up by my sewing machine and it had slipped my mind! Well, it started out granny-esque and turned out oh-so-sweet.

This is such an easy refashion. Getting one of my mom's old sewing machine (she's a quilter, so there have been sewing machines around me the whole time I've grown up!) was probably one of the best things ever. All I had to do was remove the shoulder pads (eek! haha), shorten it, and remove the sleeves. My finishing touch was to remove the lace in the middle panel and pull it down just a little for a low neckline.

My eye color always "changes" depending on what I'm wearing, and I love how this mint color compliments my skin tone and eye color. I was so in love with the little white starbursts on the dress that I was happy to pay $2 for it!

Cute, right?

Pardon the messy background! We always have our bicycles and Kitty's tunnels around the apartment somewhere :)

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