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Friday, July 15, 2011

Skirts Only

Allow me to start off by saying that today's outfit is a bit out of the ordinary. And by that I mean that my "dress" isn't actually a dress. It's a skirt! See more photos after the jump.

I bought this skirt last fall after aimlessly wandering into Pacific Sunwear (of all places). We were searching for some Vans for Geoffrey and I noticed they had a sign for an extra 50% their sale items. Of course I browsed through the few small racks. I ended up buying this skirt for five dollars. I used to love it, but now it's a tad big and I was ready to donate it. For whatever reason, I slipped it on today and noticed that the lining was a really wonderful sheer black. I pulled it up, knotted it cutely in the back, and decided that this was my dress for the day! I like it when things work out like this!

I worked a longer-than-normal shift today at work. After I was off the clock, I took a quick nap and headed to the Short North. We wanted to glance through a couple of stores and have a drink. For the second Friday in a row, we popped into Surly Girl Saloon. I used to be a regular at this place when I lived in an apartment above the restaurant. It's such a perfect place and I can't recommend it enough! I enjoyed a yummy red velvet cupcake (their cream cheese icing is TO DIE for!) and a Surly Cider (Lindeman's Pomme Lambic + Cinnamon Schnapps + 7UP and, of course, a cherry!). Maybe one of my favorite part of Surly is the strange decor. It's definitely a bit southwestern and the walls are adorned with cowboys, Annie Oakley, a few skulls, and some pirates (okay, that doesn't fit super well, but whatever). The tables are each a bit different and are basically collages under resin. The table we were at today had a [really sad] illustration of a cowboy lassoing a cow. It also had some sequins and other fun stuff going on!

By the time we were out of Surly, many of the local shops were closing. I had an idea in mind for where I wanted to take my outfit photos. There's a design firm that's tucked away on a side street. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I knew the color would pop today! What do you think?

Skirt (worn as a dress), Pacific Sunwear
BDG Bandeau bra, UO
Black double-snap stretch belt, thrifted
Deena and Ozzy Asymmetrical Wedges, UO
Crystal Amethyst Necklace, DIY

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