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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tears Dry on Their Own

I want to go ahead and get the sad stuff out of the way before continuing on with the post about today. As someone who doesn't connect at all with many celebrities, I was so sad to hear about Amy Winehouse's death today. She was one of my favorite musicians and I was looking forward to her recovering from her addiction and making more beautiful music. Alas, at the age of 27, she has passed. We should all remember to not waste our wonderful talents!

Okay, on to happier things. Today we wanted to check out some free art shows, so we headed down to the OSU Urban Arts Space. They had a show about southern Ohio (aka Appalachia, aka where I grew up) that we wanted to see. There were some really awesome pieces. We took these photos just outside of the building. It's downtown in the old Lazarus building! It's crazy how that part of town has changed since I was little. I remember heading to the Columbus City Center (which now has been torn down and replaced with a brand new park) when we were young for my birthday and Christmas shopping. Everything has moved more towards the suburbs, which in my opinion is kind of a bummer.

These are some shots from Instagram. The top left is their lovely entry typography! The whole space was really nicely designed. The top right is a detail shot of "Phase 3" by Jonas Hart. The bottom left is yours truly, of course, loving my thrifted hat. And lastly, the bottom right is a detail shot of of "Collapse #2" by Rachel Clark.

We were planning on going to a second art show, but on our drive there, we had a few hiccups. First, as we were driving, a small girl ran out into the street. I stopped suddenly, and everything was okay, but it really scared me. Then a few blocks down on a smaller road, and a city bus was heading in our direction. I slowed way down, but the car in front of me immediately reversed and backed into me! What a day, right? The jolt from the car hitting us had me shaking, but we were okay, the other car was okay, and neither car showed a mark. I just remember thinking that they were coming back at us so fast. But, I'm glad that both incidents just ended up with my heart racing and no one was hurt.

So, we ended up coming home and relaxing in the AC. That was just way too much to handle on a day that was over 100°F! Now we're relaxing, watching some Netflix and waiting to make dinner.

So, about today's dress. This started out as a too-large dress with a square cut neck. I really didn't like it from the bust up, so instead, I made it into a tube dress. I had to take it in a few spots, but I think the outcome is pretty cute.

Dress, Refashioned DIY
Found objects necklace, DIY
Double-buckle belt, Old Navy
Kimchi Blue flats, UO
Coral floppy hat, thrifted

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