MINI PENNY: A Thimble and a Kiss

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Thimble and a Kiss

I'm so in love with today's photographs! There was something that came together so well with the outfit, the spot, and the lighting. I'm Little Miss Happy over here!

Today was a typical day — I worked this morning, went to the post office, picked Geoff up, cuddle with Kitty, etc. After we both took a very short nap we headed down to the arts district to get a drink. We ended up at one of my favorite spots, Surly Girl Saloon, for a cupcake and a cider.

Surly always has two cupcakes of the day. One is almost always red velvet while the other differs. It's anything from chocolate banana to bacon. They're all delicious! Today I noticed that the special was a zucchini cupcake with cream cheese frosting. I was curious and it turned out to be amazing!

I don't own many shirts with a Peter Pan collar. In fact, this may be the only one. After we enjoyed our cupcake, I wandered around the back of the building near my old apartment. I had a great spot in mind for today's shoot: this very familiar alley way that I used to walk down regularly to go home. I had taken a self portrait here before.

I shot this back in November of 2009. It was a really rainy night and I took a long exposure with my Canon Speedlite 550EX. This was taken during the time that I was trying to grow out the side of my shaved head. Oh my!

I've talked about these shoes before. They're my Chelsea Crew perforated oxfords. I love 'em. They're taking a bit of a beating finally. It still doesn't stop me from wearing them around, though. Adore!

Polka dot blouse, thrifted
White high rise shorts, thrift + DIY
Handmade woven belt, thrifted
Found objects necklace, DIY
Chelsea Crew Perforated Oxfords, UO

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