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Monday, July 4, 2011

Thrifty Monday

After a three week hiatus, I finally got to go shopping this weekend. Thrifting is easily one of my favorite past times and has convinced me to rarely ever buy retail again! These two days of bargain deals are a perfect example of why I am so addicted! See the full haul after the jump.

On Friday after work, we hit up Ohio Thrift on Alum Creek Drive. I've only been to this thrift store a couple of times but both times I've found great items. I actually had so much in my cart that I had to put items back. I was trying to stay within a budget this time! I did a very good job, I'd say. Here's the recap from left to right:
  • Pleated black mid-length skirt — I used this skirt in today's outfit post, as seen here. I'm almost completely positive that it was handmade. There are no labels, no tags, and the stitching is fairly basic. Regardless, I'm absolutely in love with it. The fabric is perfectly drape-y and flattering.
  • Gap blue pleated skirt — I wore this skirt for yesterday's outfit post, Maized and Confused. It's not terribly old, I'm guessing late 90s/early 00s, but I think it was worth the two dollars or so I spent on it for sure!
  • Books: Cats 24/7: Extraorinary Photographs of Wonderful Cats — Geoff actually bought me this. When I first grabbed it off the shelf, I thought it was similar to the books I would check out from the library as a child. The photos inside are actually really wonderful and I was oooh-ing over each page. At three dollars, I think Geoff enjoys it as much as I do! You can buy one on Amazon here.
  • Sparkle and Fade lace tank — This is an Urban Outfitters brand, so we all know that it started out at a rather high price. Judging by the tag, I believe it's possibly from last spring or summer. The change the labels rather frequently and I pay a lot of attention to those types I things /rolls eyes/. I paired this with the Gap skirt in yesterday's outfit post.
  • Arizona Jeans high rise denim shorts — I have a lot of denim shorts. I wanted some that I could dip bleach. More info on this later!
  • Black A'nue black sheer bodysuit — I detached this sheer top from the bodysuit, cropped it a bit, and made it into a lovely sheer top that I wore on Saturday's outing! I adore it. This was only four dollars and took under and hour to fix.
  • Coral cut off shortsI wore these on Friday for the Red White & Boom celebration. They started off as pants but I cut them into my new favorite shorts!

Today's thrift haul was even larger! We went to Village Discount Outlet hoping that they would have a special Fourth of July sale, but they didn't. I was still happy because on Mondays they choose one color to be 75 cents and another color to be 50% off. I spent about twenty dollars on the items in the photo above! Here's the run down:
  • Anxiety sheer floral blouse — can you tell that I'm obsessed with sheer tops? The label in this looks as though it's from the 80s or early 90s. It's a pretty slim cut, so I don't think I'm going to alter it. Love!
  • Black Arizona Jeans suede fringed bag — I love fringe, but never find much of it while thrifting! This bag is brand new and lovely. I think that my camera also fits into it, which is a huge plus.
  • Southwestern leather belt — This has no label or branding on it, so I'm guessing (?) that it's maybe from a market or something of the sort. It's really amazing — the pattern is colorful and the leather is tooled!
  • Teal green H&M cut off shorts — These started out as pants. I actually saw a pair of shorts during Friday's thrift run that were this sam color, but the legs openings were wide, so I skipped on them. I'm glad that I did, because these turned out to be the perfect alternative.
  • Leopard print shirt dress — The side vents on this are a little too long, so I am stitching them up just a tad. Otherwise, it's lightweight and I'm hoping to pull off a boho look with it in the future!
  • Red stretch belt with plastic buckle — Geoff suggested that I get this and I'm so glad I did!
  • Gold blouse — This is folded up in the photo because I'm going to be using it for a DIY project. More info on that later and you'll be able to see before and after photos.
  • Paper Denim & Cloth Low rise shorts — I was so excited when I saw these. I have been dying for white shorts and I know that this brand has a good reputation. They were a thrift splurge at $6, but after cutting them off I realized how amazingly perfect they are!
  • Black and cream striped blouse — This is also folded up and will be used for a future DIY post.
  • White sheer blouse — At first I was going to use this in a projects, but I like it too much to cut it up. The collar is almost Peter Panned, but not quite.
  • Vintage coral bikini top — I bought this to wear as a bralette. It's amazing and fits Friday's coral shorts perfectly!
  • White high rise shorts — These also started out as pants. They are the same brand, cut, and size as the coral pants from Friday. I can't believe I scored two pairs of perfect white shorts in one stop!
  • Grey fringed medicine bag — This tiny pouch is perfect for a grocery run or when I go somewhere and only need my cards, phone, and lipstick. Adorable!
Did you go thrifting this weekend? I know some of you did! I hope you all had great finds and I'd love to see them, so leave a link in the comments if you'd like. Cheers, everyone!

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