Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wild Card

Heat wave! Oh my goodness, it's so unbelievably hot in the Midwest. I can't wait until it cools down a bit just so we can enjoy hanging outside.

I picked up these shorts back in June at the Short North Yard Sale. They were four dollars! At the time I was totally unable to get them on (they are elastic, no zippers or anything). Well, I figured out that if I wear tights and take my time, I can get them on! Yeah, yeah, it takes me a bit of work, but I totally LOVE them. With that being said, it's so hard to wear leather in the summer. Ick!

After I got home from work, I made some rainbow cupcakes! I've never made these before, so it was just kind of an adventure. They're super tasty and turned out as if they had been tie-dyed! Cute! Oh, did I mention the cream cheese frosting?

In other news, I entered some photo contest through American Eagle. Now, it may shock some people, but I actually really like AE. Their basics are nice, I dig their shorts, and they have the best underwear in my opinion (I know, TMI!). They're having a Best Shot Contest and I entered under the category "Coolest Hipster" hah!. You can vote for my image here.

COPE Bleached tank, UO
Leather shorts, Yard Sale
Sheer black tights, Kroger
Ecoté studded boots, UO
Found objects necklace, DIY

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