Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Remember how I was talking about picking up some velvet leggings? Where here they are in all of their burgundy and velvety glory! They are probably going to turn into my go-to fall and winter comfy item. I can't wait to pair these with cropped band tees, cardigans, and boots. All of the summer heat this year has gotten me rather excited for fall layers!

I didn't really get into a lot today. I worked in the morning, came home to customize some shoes, and then took a long nap. I have a few products that I'm hoping to review over the next weekish, so keep an eye out for that! Otherwise, kitty has been majorly adorable (as usual) and really enjoys sitting in the windows in the early afternoons. Isn't she a doll?

I'm pretty pumped on this strange crop top. It is a vintage Reyn Spooner Hawaiian tank — even the tags notes that it was made in Hawaii! The color scheme and pieces of tribal patterning are amazing. And do you know what else? It's for sale in my Etsy shop SOLD!

Are you on LookBook? If so, I’d really love some Hype! I’ve entered this look in the LBxVolcom Jeans VOLCOMunity Contest! Why do I think I’d be a great VOLCOMunity blogger? Not only is my wardrobe is diverse and unique, but I love pairing vintage with new. I have a knack of finding new ways of refashioning outdated pieces. I have a tendency to be creative, crafty, and rather adventurous. If you think I should be a Volcolm blogger, then Hype this look! (and thank you!)

Looking to vote for me on the PacSun Dress Irresponsibly Contest? Click here! Thanks so much to everyone for their comments, votes, and love. I really do appreciate ALL of it!

Vintage Reyn Spooner Hibiscus Crop, Mini Penny (buy it here SOLD)
Forever 21 Burgundy Velvet Leggings, Rag-O-Rama trade
Kimchi Blue Suede Mary Jane Wedges, UO
Amethyst Crystal necklace, DIY

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