Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cat Fancy

Ooooh shoot, everyone! I decided to bust out my new and crazy cat scarf today! Geoff and I have officially dubbed it the "Feline Fanny" scarf because of the kitties' positions. Look closely and you'll see what I mean!

Today we headed up to Rag-O-Rama. A couple weeks ago I cleaned out my closet and had about three medium-sized bags full of non-vintage clothes and shoes that I either no longer wanted or didn't fit into anymore. We headed up that way, dropped them off in the store, and were quoted a two hour wait. I don't mind waiting because there are lots of cool little shops in the area.

We walked down to Wholly Craft and spent some time looking over their awesome art prints and cute items. I didn't see much that I couldn't live without, so we waltzed over to Eclectiques. We hadn't been there for a while and it seemed like they really bumped up their clothing inventory. They had a lot of cute things, but again there wasn't much that I had to have.

Somehow we managed to kill an hour and a half between these two places, so we both shopped around Rag while they went through my items to see if  Geoff could find any denim or if I could find anything I wanted. I ended up only finding one item: a pair of wine-colored velvet leggings. I wanted velvet leggings badly towards the end of last winter but didn't want to shell out the full price for something I couldn't wear during the summer. These were marked at $4.25, so I figured with autumn coming up, I could just get these in my trade.

They ended up buying almost two whole bags of my stuff. After I traded for the leggings, I was able to walk out with $80 cash! Not bad for a Sunday, I'd say!

I've been having some strange issues with my Canon 5D Mark ii. I spent most of the morning frustrated and trying to fix it. I consider myself to be very knowledgeable on my camera, but just can't make this problem go away. Are any of my readers camera-geniuses? I posted about it on Flickr here. I'm not liking the idea of sending it off for repair, so I'm hoping it's something that I can get rid of on my own.

I bought this romper yesterday during my thrift outing with Bob. I was shocked to see that it was brand new with tags — the main reasoning being that it is by Quail. I'm mostly familiar with Quail because the company I work for sells some of their dresses. After some searching I discovered that this is the Jolene Jumper and retailed for around $600. I figured that it was a pretty good deal to buy this silk romper for $7.

Feline Fanny scarf, thrifted
Quail romper, thrifted
Salmon snakeskin belt, thrifted
Big Buddha Rylee oxfords, Bakers

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