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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Custom Calvins

It's Tuesday! I love today's comfy outfit and can't wait to see these shorts outfitted on someone! See more photos after the jump.

I've always been pretty into customizing shorts — especially those with an 80s/90s vibe — and recently Meanz over at Koi Story has been posting a lot of her creations! Today after work I made these lovelies and *gasp* they are now for sale in my Etsy shop!

I completely removed the back right butt pocket and replaced it with cream/black striped silk. I kind of dig how the pockets peek out from the thigh. Flirty!

Also, I have had these oxfords from Target for a while. They're a faux-suede material and gather cat hair and other fuzzies like crazy! They've been in my shoe organizer and unworn for a while, but at the thrift store I picked up a few cone-studded bracelets for cheap, removed the studs from the bracelet, and customized the oxfords instead! I'm going to further customize these, so stay tuned for updates!

And this shirt is also technically "custom"! It was a super-tall size-Large tank pocket tank. I fell in love with the mauve-y color at the thrift store, so I brought it home and chopped it into a crop. It's the only thing I own of this color and I like it quite a bit!

Oh, and two more things! I'm also now an affiliate with ModCloth! Check it out through the banner on the left side. I also just passed the 200 followers mark on LookBook — Fun!

How is your week thus far? Is it cooling down in your part of the world yet (or vice versa)?

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