MINI PENNY: The Dancer Dress

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Dancer Dress

Today is one of the first day (in a long time) where none of my items were thrifted! With that being said, the only piece that I bought not-on-sale were the shoes (which I still got an employee discount on anyway, so I made out pretty well). I'm going to go ahead and spam you with a few recent Instagram shots, is that okay?

Now, let's talk about these shoes. These are the new Kimchi Blue Suede Mary Jane Platforms that we just got in shipment today. Normally I don't lust after a shoe so much, but I really fell in love with these. I think it's the Mary Jane callback and the super-high heel. Either way, they were more than I would like to spend, but I took the plunge nonetheless (having an employee discount does not help to convince me otherwise!). My only complaint is that the footbed is as hard as stone. I stopped at Target and picked up some insoles. After I put those in, I wore these around for almost five hours and my feet didn't hurt a bit! Amazing, huh?

I also picked up this dress and belt at work today. I had originally wanted this dress in a wonderful white with red flowers pattern that we had. It was super 90s and just screaming girly/grunge. When I went to look for it today, turns out it had been sold. My second choice was a leopard print version and my last choice was this one — and by "last choice" I mean that I didn't even know that this color existed. We no longer had the leopard in my size, so I tried this on instead and fell in love. You've probably noticed that I wear my other double-wrap belt pretty often, so I nabbed this amazing mixed-leather double-wrap belt from the sale rack as well.

The weather is supposed to be rather rainy here this weekend. The past two days have been hot, but still stayed bearable compared to the past few weeks! There was a great cool breeze today that almost made me think of autumn. Are you excited about the [eventual] weather change?

Deena & Ozzy wide brim hat, UO
Sparkle & Fade Dancer Dress, UO
Mixed leather belt, UO
Sheer black ankle socks, UO
Kimchi Blue Suede Mary Jane Platforms, UO

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