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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Necronomicon

It's Saturday and I somehow managed to not leave the apartment today! Can you believe it? I "slept in" (aka: 10am), made a few posts while Geoff went on a long bike ride and then started cleaning the apartment. I moved a lot of things around to make extra space and ended up cleaning out my entire wardrobe.

With that being said, expect there to be many new items in my Etsy shop soon! If you've loved my looks over the past 70+ days, keep an eye out — many of them will be for sale this coming week!

I picked up this book last fall in one of my picking trips with Bob. We found a strange antique shop in Springfield, Ohio, that had a sign out front reading "UPSTAIRS: $1." Of course we were intrigued, so we went up and were amazing to see an attic that looked like it was straight out Hoarders.

We found so many goodies on that first trip that I have since been back twice, even picking up wooden furniture, cameras, and vintage Apple technology. I picked up this book on our last trip because I thought the cover and binding were cool. Turns out it was published in 1932 and is a first edition! It's called The Crime Book of JG Reeder by Edgar Wallace. Right now it's listed on eBay for around $45, so I'd say picking it up for a buck is a pretty good deal.

There's just something about the menacing skull on the cover that reminds me of the Necronomicon (I am more familiar with the concept of it because of The Evil Dead) or the Handbook for the Recently Deceased (Beetlejuice). What do you think?

Well, after cleaning out all of my closet space, I fell asleep for a few hours and ended up missing Gallery Hop! I hate it when I do that. We missed the daylight for the outfit photos and ended up shooting these in the front hallway of our apartment building. I like 'em though! The plum eyeshadow and sparkly lipgloss are from the GoGoGirlfriend box I received today! Love 'em!

Mossimo flannel, Target
Damsel black Bralette, UO
Kimchi Blue Lace tank, UO
BDG High Rise Shorts, UO
Vintage black boots, Thrifted
Key necklace, gift from my mom (she bought it on a recent quilting trip!)

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