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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review // GoGoGirlfriend Box

Edit // I want to point out that many months after I wrote this review, I started reading about GoGoGirlfriend providing less than good service to its customers and leading subscribers on via extra fees, etc. While my box was good, it looks as though they have gone downhill very, very much. I do not recommend subscribing to GoGoGirlfriend! Read more here.

I've been patiently waiting for my GoGoGirlfriend sample box to get here and am so excited to finally share it with all of you! I'm familiar to the idea of subscription sample boxes — I first heard about BirchBox from Tish — so when GoGoGirlfriend offered for me to review their May and June boxes, I couldn't refuse.

This box was packed with goodies (some that I didn't even know existed!) and was wrapped so nicely in black tissue. I'm a big fan of clean and simple packaging, so GGG won my heart from the start. It rhymes, therefore it has to be true.

Alright. Let's get down to the good stuff.

EMBROIDERED SLEEPING MASK — I think sleeping masks are adorable, but have never worn one. I'm almost certain that I'd wiggle out of the thing sometime in the night. Besides, I'd probably go to check my alarm in the morning and be scared out of my wits that I had possibly gone blind (I'm very groggy when I first get up). With all that being said, this will certainly accompany me on long bus trips and plane rides to make it easier to catch some Z's.

GOGOGIRLFRIEND EYESHADOW POWDER in Plum Crazy — I must say that I am rather impressed by the texture of this. It seems to blend very well and has a great subtle purple shimmer. I've been lusting after purple eyes, so I may have just found my match.

▲ GOGOGIRLFRIEND SHIMMER in Gold — The first time I opened this, I wasn't really doing it carefully and ended up getting a Midas thumb and pointer finger. Either way, this shimmer is subtle enough so that you don't look like a pre-teen cheerleader, but sparkly enough to flirt your way through the day. Another lovely item!

▲ WELEDA POMEGRANATE REGENERATING BODY CARE KIT — When I pulled this out of the box, I actually said ooooooh! One could assume that I'm a pretty big fan of pomegranate and I love that this is 100% natural. The packaging of the actual samples somewhat reminded me of C.O. Bigelow (another big plus for me!). Included are three products — Body Oil ($20-$25 membership price or $25-$32 non-member), Hand Cream ($8.95 member price or $12.95 non-member), and Creamy Body Wash ($12.95 member price or $17.95 non-member). I have yet to use the body oil or the wash, but the lotion is very smooth and each product smells so great. The sample size of the hand cream is going to fit perfectly into my purse and go with me everywhere! You can also visit Weleda's website to learn more.

E.L.F. LONG WEAR LIPLINER IN SPICE — Most of you know already that I'm a huge E.L.F. fan. The prices are perfect and they support charity and use no animal testing. I've been wanting to try their lipliner and this color goes very well with the Posh lipstick that I own already (Posh... Spice...? Is that a coincidence?). It goes on smooth and I've had no issues with it feathering. Included is a pencil sharpener, in case you're like me and don't own one. Visit ELF's website for more information.

▲ E.L.F. FAN BRUSH — As someone who went to college and majored in illustration, I'm familiar with the use of fan brushes in the art field. I guess I just never thought to use one on my face (?). My only qualm with this is how ELF packaged it. The sleeve is too skinny for the bristles and it jumbles them a bit on the ends. Alas, it has a great texture and I do expect to be using it today! Visit ELF's website for more information.

EARTH THERAPEUTICS CLARI-T TEA TREE PORE CLEANSING STRIPS — I remember when I was a young teenager and the pore cleaning strips were big. That was during the time when I was really struggling with acne (I may as well spill the beans now: I had horrible acne from late elementary school through high school), so I tried a few different brands. I didn't like them. I went ahead and tried this as soon as the sample box came in and I'm both grossed out and impressed. Grossed out because, well, it worked and the strip looked repulsive after I peeled it off (ew), and impressed for the same reason. I have a pretty solid skin care regimen but this is something that I would really like to incorporate into it. I highly recommend these strips. You get ten strips $4.99 for members and $5.99 for non-members. You can also check out more of Earth Therapeutics's products on their website.

RAINBOW GREEN CLAY MASK POWDER — I'm probably more excited to use this than anything. This 100% French green clay is not tested on animals nor has any animal ingredients. There are a few different ways you can mix this depending on your skin type — with yogurt or egg for normal skin, with lemon juice for oily skin, or with olive oil or avocado for dry skin. Expect to hear an update on this! Pick it up for $6.95 as a member or $8.95 as a non-member. Learn more about Rainbow Research's other products on their website.

COMODYNES FACE MOISTURIZING SUMMER GLOW — I'm afraid that I'll turn orange if I use this, but the reviews seem pretty good. This will run you $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Learn more on Comodynes's website.

COMODYNES EASY PEELING NEW FACE EFFECT TOWELETTE — I would say that this is easily the best exfoliating towelette that I have ever used. It was large and had enough texture to actually make a difference in my skin. You get 8 packs for $12 as a member or $16 as a non-member. Learn more on Comodynes's website.

▲ BLUM NATURALS TOWELETTES — They sent me the Exfoliating (Organic Orange) and Dry & Sensitive (Organic Chamomile) towelettes. Both are great and have a lovely, clean scent. I love that they're organic, naturally derived, and not tested on animals. The exfoliating towelettes will run you $10 as a member or $12 as a non-member, while the Dry & Sensitive towelettes are $15 for members and $17 for non-members.

JONATHAN|PRODUCT WEIGHTLESS SMOOTH VEGAN CONDITIONER — I am so pumped to try this out! It's no-frizz with keratin, soy protein, and babassu oil. Check out Jonathan|Product's website to learn more.

THE GINGER PEOPLE GO GINGER ORGANIC FACE CLEANSER — I'm always looking for great cleaners and love this non-drying organic brand. Did you know that ginger increases blood circulation which can naturally beautify your skin? Pick it up for $21 as a member or $26 as a non-member.

GOGOGIRLFRIEND LIPGLOSS in Tarte — I love this color ( a wonderful pinkish red with gold shimmer) but am not entirely fond of the taste. I know, I shouldn't be eating my lip gloss. Either way, I'll probably be using this frequently.

EXCEPTIONAL FRAGRANCE — This is a slightly-floral, slightly-spicy women's fragrance. It really smells amazing! It also came with a $20 off coupon to purchase this at Fragrance Net (3.4 oz normally $54). Since I already have an abundance of perfumes, I'd be happy to mail the coupon to anyone who would want to nab the full bottle for only $35! Send me an email or leave a comment if you'd like it :)

▲ PERRY ELLIS PORTFOLIO FOR WOMEN FRAGRANCE — Something about this reminds me of the 90s. I have no clue what it is, but it makes sense that it's showing up in my box considering the resurgence of 90s trends like CKOne. It is best described as musky, vanilla, and floral. You can get some for yourself here.

BIORÉ PORE PERFECT OIL BLOTTING SHEETS — I was just thinking about these a couple of months ago and how I wanted to pick them up. Ever since I started using the ELF Studio Face Primer, though, I haven't felt like I've needed them. Either way, these work really well and I've always been a fan.

▲ HERO NATURALS SLICE OF LIFE GUMMY VITAMIN — These aren't pictured because I (haha) ate them. They have a rather interesting flavor, but I'm the type of person who would rather take a vitamin than chew on some gummies. You can get 'em for yourself at $16.95 for members or $18.95 for non-members.

Alright, so there you have it. That's everything included in my two months worth of samples. Pretty awesome right? If you're interested in signing up for GoGoGirlfriend, and check out their membership options. You can either pay $6.99/month and get a box every two months or upgrade to the premium membership for $12.99 and get a box each and every month! Exciting, right? You also earn points by completing reviews, buying items at the special membership price, and referring friends, which you can later put towards buying more product! There are monthly giveaways for members and an informative newsletter each month. Not to mention, 5% of your membership fees are donated to the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research.

My favorite part about GoGoGirlfriend are the sample sizes. They're not wimpy little packets that you get one use out of — the lotions, lip glosses, and eye shadows are all items that I'm going to get to try out over and over again! I'm excited to see how Birchbox compares to this when I get it in the post in the next week or so. Birchbox tends to be more high-end products while GoGoGirlfriend seems to be more natural and affordable products. I'd say it's certainly worth giving a try — if you decided you're no longer into it, you can always cancel at any time!

Hope this helps you find some new and useful products!

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