MINI PENNY: Thrifty Monday #6

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrifty Monday #6

This weekend I didn't really get much of a haul, simply because I was too busy to hit up the thrift stores. I had considered going today (which is normally by day off), but picked up an extra four hour shift at work this morning that turned into a six-hour shift! Needless to say, it was a little hectic and my butt is rather kicked. I did score a few awesome things at the Antique Mall on Saturday, though. Have a look!

  • Frederick's of Hollywood Striped Dress - $8 — Obviously you Minis have already witnessed this dress in it's full glory! I am so flattered that it reached 130 Hypes on LookBook. I could go on for days about how much I love this dress.
  • Needlepoint Handbag - $5 — I've been searching for something similar to this ever since a white one caught my eye at Rudy's Roundup in Chicago. I have been kicking myself for months for not buying that one (and it was only $18), but I'm pretty content with this little beauty. It is in perfect condition, has silk lining, and the rose pattern extends to both the front, back, and sides of the bag!
  • Clip on Bow tie - $2 — You also probably noticed this little menswear flair in Saturday's outfit post. It was just too perfect to not start wearing immediately after I paid for it! The inner part of the fabric is a soft minty green. Love!
  • Arrowhead Bolo Tie - $2 — And this. I can say that I have never owned (nor thought about owning) a bolo tie until I saw this. With a silver arrowhead and small floral cameo in the center, I really knew I had to make it work with something in my closet!
Can you believe that it's the first of the month already? And I thought I was complaining about July being hot — I should really prepare myself for the fiery month that is better known as August! Shoot, my cat has it made. She gets to sit around in A/C all day, get brushes, and fed! Silly girl. 

What did you score this weekend?

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