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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As I write this, there's a ton of thunder and lightening happened outside! There was seriously just a lightning strike that was so loud, I almost fell off of the sofa. Kitty is just staring up at the window waiting for the apocalypse, I think.

Okay, so I've had some serious hairspiration and have been mildly obsessed with the Cruella look lately. After talking up the style at work today and wishing it could be mine, I decided to just do it. I wanted to bleach out the entire half of my head, but was worried about how my previous demi-permenant dye wasn't stripped and didn't want to risk having an orange half.

I was pretty smart to only do the bit, I must say.

After two bleaches today (I don't recommend doing this — I've bleached and dyed my hair many different colors for years and my hair takes to bleach very well... but still, don't do it twice in one day), I still have a few spots that just would not get light enough for my liking. So rather than do another round of bleach, I decided to use something in my stock of dye to get me through until I can condition a few times and bleach again. I looked in my cupboard and was shocked to see that I only had violet and cherry red left. I wonder what happened to the rest of my dye? Oh well. While red would have covered up the strange spots, I just instinctively picked the purple.

I'm pretty happy with it. There are, like I said, a few spots that aren't the best, but I can deal with them until later. Who knows, I might add some red to give it a nice warm tone. We'll see!

While dying is very fun and I've enjoyed doing it for a long time, it really does take a big chunk out of my day. Between this and the package I received in the mail, I am spent! We made some awesome seitan fajitas for dinner and are about to have some ice cream, then it's off to bed! I'm scheduled an extra day at work this week and might be picking up more hours, so advanced apologies if I seem a bit groggy!

I know that I already touched on these shoes, but I wanted to show you how beautiful they look on. I pranced around in these babies all day and they're actually super comfortable and easy to walk in. I'm really short (5'1"), so it's nice to feel tall once in a while, right? You can read more about Big Buddha here.

I've been sitting on this dress for a while trying to decide to keep it or let it go. It's once of my most prized pieces, but alas is way too large for me. As of today, it is for sale on my Etsy shop! A little birdy told me that you get 10% off your purchase if you use the code BLOGSPOT at checkout... hmmmm!

And on a more serious note, if I have any readers in London and the cities affected by the riots, know that my thoughts are with you. I'm so sad to see what's going on and know that we can all make it through together.

Vintage ombre maxi dress, Mini Penny (buy it here)
Bitten cord vest, thrifted
BDG Double Wrap belt, UO
Heart rhinestone necklace, Claire’s
Big Buddha Fine II wedges, c/o Big Buddha

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