MINI PENNY: Vote for me! // PacSun Dress Irresponsibly Round 2

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vote for me! // PacSun Dress Irresponsibly Round 2

Good morning, Minis! Like I said last night, I entered yesterday's look in the second round of PacSun's Dress Irresponsibly contest! The them is Accessorize Your Face Off Face-Off, so I think I fit the bill without being overly-done.

Anyway, hop over and vote for me! It'd greatly appreciate it. And if you'd want to share the link with your friends (or enter one yourself and share your link here!) that would be awesome, too! One of the bonuses of being an early bird is that I've submitted before anyone else and have a head start, haha! Let's do this :)

Also keep in mind that the advertising space giveaway that I posted about yesterday is still open and now voting for my entry counts as an extra comment and chance to win.

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