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Monday, August 29, 2011


As I mentioned yesterday, I'm excited to share a few smaller tidbits of my weekend! All of these were taken and shared through Instagram. Check them out after the jump.

I hate to think that I'm a heavy packer, but after reviewing what I was taking with me, I suppose that sometimes I am. I packed up my two Fred Perry Hold Alls. In my defense, camera gear and my laptop do take up quite a bit of space! Aside from that, I'm pretty good about using space efficiently and only taking what I know I'll need and want. The photo on the right is a rusted out bridge that we drove across in Pennsylvania on our way to the house. Since we left around 3pm, we hit these bridges as the sky was beginning to change colors!

The wallpaper in the house was great. There were a few rooms that I forgot to snap before we left, but these are from the kitchen, living room, and one of the upstairs bedrooms. Lovely, right?

I know I already posted photos of Ohiopyle State Park, but the place was really amazing! I can't help but share more.

There was a small place near the house called Indian Head Snack Bar. It is a favorite of Geoff's family (and after I had their pancakes, I can understand why!). It's a small little place just off the road and has some interesting items on the walls. One of those is this old embroidered portrait of a Native American. It was really beautiful — and huge!

I missed Kitty a whole bunch while we were gone. While at Fallingwater, we stopped in the gift shop while waiting and they had this crazy Moleskine that was a Cat Journal. Now, I own the Recipe Journal — along with many other Moleskines — but I had no idea that this existed. Also, I doodled a sloppy little Kitty on my placemat at the Snack Bar in attempts to show Geoff's nephew what she looks like. Hah!

Again, Fallingwater was too great for words!

A lonely rocking chair sits on the porch of the house. It was a really quaint home that, in a few small ways, reminded me of the grandparents' place.

And finally (maybe this is cheating since it actually from the trip), the sunrise as we left the apartment this morning and headed to work. As much as I love going on trips and weekend warriors, I do love home, too. I can't wait until our next adventure!

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