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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Say Tomato

I say toe-mah-toe! Cheers, everyone! It has been a mildly productive Tuesday — and I say that because I made a batch of yummy chocolate cupcakes! Okay, it's no amazing feat, but I do love cuppy-cakes. And I will be enjoying one with a scoop of black cherry ice cream later on...

This blouse has the best embroidered collar! I'm totally digging details like this these days. Pick up this gem in my Etsy Shop!

So pardon the teeny outfit post. I've been working my part time job much more than usual and haven't had much time for DIY projects and tutorials. I promise, though, that when I have the time, I will be doing an awesome DIY galaxy-print tutorial. I have some sheer tights and a sheer blouse that I'm excited to gallaxy-ify. I really wanted to pick up the Assymestrical Universe Dress from Romwe, but when I got around to checking out, the last one had sold! Eep!

These shorts started as an "ugly" pair of wide legged lady capris when I thrifted them. Now they're perfectly pegged and the gingham is the perfect picnic-wear — or in my case, the perfect everyday-wear. I really do love going through the capris at the thrift store because they normally have much crazier patterns than full-length pants and are so easy to shorten to the cutest summer bottoms!

Red embroidered-collar blouse, Mini Penny (buy it here)
Gingham red shorts, Thrift + DIY
Skinny black velvet belt, UO
Kimchi Blue black suede wedges, UO
Black metal round sunnies, thrift

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