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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to Black

When these pants came into work, I made fun of them. A lot. And in the midst of making fun of them, I actually put them on for a giggle. Well, joke's on me, cause once they were on my body, I thought they were majorly cute.

Fast forward to last week when they went on sale. I decided to pick them up for so-very cheap and try to figure out how to wear them. At first it was difficult. They have built-in "shorts" that are the equivalent of tiny boycut undies. Being not totally comfortable with my butt hanging out, I struggled with what to pair them with — a flannel? An oversized tee? I finally settled on this long and slim black tank, and I think it turned out amazing!

So obviously I'm keeping these in my wardrobe (although, I do have to exchange them after noticing that the stitching it REALLY messed up on the left leg!). How would you wear them? They're a bit nutty and require some tall shoes. I've been seeing a few ladies sport the Free People version of these around the internet, too, so that eased my worries a bit. ;)

Next up is this beaded necklace I picked up for "free" in a Rag-O-Rama trade just before my Chicago trip. It has a little bell on it and jingles here and there — and almost makes me feel like my cat. Hah! Eitehr way, I love the colors and it's certainly one of my new favorites.

Now, I know many of my readers are big fans of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail decals. And many of you know that I am as well (and that I get super excited about new designs). Today at the grocery store, I noticed that their new holiday designs are out! I made an excited squeaky-like noise and bolted over to snap a photo on my phone to share with you all! Both plaids were sold out next to our apartment (wahh!), but I'm super into with the Fair Isle-esque and glitter confetti designs, too.

I'm trying to get myself extra prepared for this move by selling some of my goodies before hand. I'm going to make a "for sale" page here, but if you're curious as to what I've listed already, check out this Tumblr page (make sure you view each individual post to see more info and my asking price! Negotiable!). I'm going to have a lot more than this, too, so keep watching!

Faux leather jacket, thrifted
Long black tank, unknown
Lace flare pants, UO
Kimchi Blue Suede Mary Jane Platforms, UO
Beaded necklace, Rag-O-Rama trade

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