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Friday, September 9, 2011

C'est La Vie

Yuck, today's the second day in a row that I haven't been feeling great! No time for that, though — there's work to be finished!

First of all, last night I hit 400 followers on LookBook. I'm definitely excited about that. It's insane to see how fast it's spreading. I must admit that this project has been so much fun thus far! The blog is just about to reach 100 GFC followers, so that is awesome as well! I really love this community and all of the people that I've "met" so far. Cheers!

Alright, moving on.

I posted an image of these amazing shorts on my Instagram last week. Does the back pocket look familiar? You may recognize the pattern from the sweater I was wearing in this past Sunday's outfit post. I really love revamping high rise shorts and this material was too great to overlook. Also, I wasn't really sure how I'd model these since they're a children's size 14. I know, right? Are you making the same face I made when I first read the tag? (It looks like this: O_______O) But somehow I managed to bend the law of physics and get my booty in these. So if you're curious, I'm sizing them at an extra small. Hah! You can buy them here.

I also listed this pretty cropped trench in my shop today. It's the best bright burnt orange (does that color exist?) and has a faux-suede texture. It's seriously the most perfect color for fall. Pick it up here.

After work, we stopped by Surly Girl Saloon for happy hour. I almost always get one of their cupcakes — today's special flavor was mint chocolate! I couldn't say no.

As for my actual outfit, this floral shirt started out as an “intended” crop top. It was sold at Urban and I nabbed it on clearance (for six dollars I believe). I have a short torso, so it looked a little awkward. I took my scissors and gave it a nice scoop crop! The shirt reads “Cest la vie” in script with a floral print on the inside, so I normally wear it inside out for maximum floral pop! I'm a little worried though that I may fall into the habit of cutting all my tees like this. It's just so comfy and cute — and besides, I'm not one for normal graphic tee cuts anyway!

I'm so excited about these amazing earrings that arrived in the post for me yesterday. I did a trade with the talented Moorea Seal. I can't help but to love triangles and pyramids (does that make me a hipster? Whoops) and when I saw these I knew I could rock them! What do you think? What's your favorite pieces of jewelry in her store?

And this profile photo really makes me think. When I was a teenager, I was so self conscious about my nose. Most people might look at it and not really think anything of it, but I always hated that bump near my bridge (or as an ex boyfriend called it... my "crook"). Over the past few years, though, I have really grown to love it. I'd have to say that the profile view of my nose might just be a favorite part of my face. Is that weird?

Okay, so I should be off to bed. I'm up later than normal and am stoked to get the weekend started! More good news, too — next weekend I will be taking a solo road trip to Chicago! I'm meeting up with a Tumblr-girl-crush (Daina!) to go thrifting and be awesome. I'm also excited to see some of my old friends. I've been such a bad girl lately. I used to go to Chicago every month or two to visit my pals, but I haven't been back since January. Eek! I guess that's what happens sometimes. I'm going to make up for it by having an awesome weekend visit, though!

Thanks so much to everyone who has 'liked' my Facebook photo for Lime Crime's 1950s Makeup contest. Keep it up until Monday. You can see my photo here!

What are you most excited about lately?

C’est La Vie Crop, UO
Hazy Days Sunnies, UO
Banjo necklace, thrifted
Asymmetrical earrings, shop trade with Moorea Seal
Custom denim high rise shorts, Mini Penny (buy them here)
Braided suede belt, UO
Fine II Suede Wedges, c/o Big Buddha
Lime Crime Coquette Lip Stick, Lime Crime

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