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Monday, September 5, 2011

Come On, Skinny Love

Happy Labor Day, Minis! What did all of you get into? I hung out with my momma, did some shopping, and ate some lunchies. She also got a birthday present for Kitty (whose first birthday is just in a couple of days!) and we wiggled around with her on the floor for a bit.

Remember last week how I was complaining about it being nearly 100°? Well, my luck changed. Today the high was 66°. Sure, it was overcast, but it felt good. I really dislike winter, but I love fall and spring. Layering jackets, scarves, tights, socks, and boots really gets my blood pumping. With the first 100 days of my daily outfit posts out of the way, I'm excited to step into fall this week!

I particularly want to point out today's shoes. I really, really love these. They're vintage Amalfi. A similar (solid color) pair of these heels sold at Neiman Marcus "back in the day" for over one hundred dollars — and their current line of shoes is priced similarly. I really have a soft spot for shoes made in Italy, I suppose. The construction is just so great. No matter what I think of 'em, though, they are up for the taking on my Etsy shop.

Also, the final round of PacSun's Dress Irresponsibly contest started today. Its theme is based around shoes. Naturally, I chose today's outfit. While it's not extra stand-outish, I still feel it's very classic and kicks a lot of punch. I'd really appreciated any and all votes here!

So with the combination of the weather and time spent today with my momma, I'd say it was a great Labor Day for me! We had lots of fun! I picked up this pair of skinny jeans — normally I am not into low-rise, but I think these are a nice change for occasional wear.

PS: Did my fellow Ohio Bloggers here about the local meet up? Read more here!

How did you spend your holiday?

Vintage Southwestern Blouse, Mini Penny (buy it here)
Vintage designer Amalfi kitten heels, Mini Penny (buy them here)
Denim jacket, thrifted
Dark grey skinny denim, thrifted
Brown triangle silk scarf, thrifted

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