MINI PENNY: Don't Call It a Comeback

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Call It a Comeback

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Oh boy, it feels good to get back to outfit posts! After one hundred and eleven days in a row, I have missed the past five due to my Chicago trip. Although I wish I would have been able to keep the trend going, it was impossible for me to get the photos this weekend with all of the events that happened (and didn't happen). The breather was, in some ways, nice. No fear — I'm back!

I picked up these awesome Peter Jensen shorts at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store in Chicago for five dollars. At first I wasn't sold on the print, but the fit is amazing. The berry theme grew on me, for sure. After wearing them all day, I'm almost wishing that I could find other colors and patterns! These could easily be my favorite fit.

I picked up these great Chelsea Crew perforated oxfords last autumn for ten bucks. They're so soft and perfect — I almost can't remember what my wardrobe was like without them. I recommend them to everyone looking for some basic and comfortable dress shoes!

Things are finally getting back to normal in our world. I picked Geoff up from the airport last night, went back to work today, and the routine is back to normal. I have some exciting things planned coming soon, too! I'll be spilling details later. For now, I hope you enjoy today's outfit as much as I do (really, I just love it)!

Denim vest, thrift store
Lace tank, UO
Suede braided belt, UO
Peter Jensen berry shorts, UO Surplus Store
Brown tights, Target
Leather Oxfords, Chelsea Crew

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