MINI PENNY: Earning My Stripes

Friday, September 23, 2011

Earning My Stripes

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TGIF! Today it was rainy in Ohio with a chill — and for once I didn't really mind so much. After my shift at work, I was feeling extremely tired and took a mid-day nap. The cool weather and grey sky made the apartment feel so cozy and wonderful. It was a nice break from the busy schedule I've been experiencing as of late.

I'm not really sure what we have going on this weekend. I'm dying to see The Lion King 3D, but Geoff isn't interested. I think I'm going to make it work either way — I mean, how could I not go see it?!

The weather also prompted us to make some really delicious cheese and broccoli soup. Once we get into fall and winter, I make soups and stews a lot. If you guys are interested, I could share some recipes sometime!

I picked up this faux leather jacket at the thrift store for $8 a month or so ago. I thought that the price was a little steep for buying a jacket mid-summer, especially since it's not real leather, but I love the fit. It's really soft, too. I want to stud it (preferably as intense at the recent Burberry jackets... but that would take a lot of time and a lot of studs!), so you'll probably see some changes coming to it soon.

I'm loving my hair today. In yesterday's ULTA trip, I picked up some Macadamia Hair Oil Deep Repair Mask. I picked up the 1oz size and figure I'd try it before dropping money on the larger size. Immediately I noticed how soft and silky my hair felt — even the bleached section! I'm having a great hair day thanks to this stuff and plan on buying it soon. I'll be giving a full review on my ULTA haul this weekend.

What's your favorite hair product?

Faux-leather jacket, thrifted
Banjo necklace, thrifted
Stripes Maxi dress, UO Surplus
Skinny velvet belt, UO
Kimchi Blue Suede Mary Jane Platform, UO
Beaded tribal bracelet, free in Rag-O-Rama trade

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