MINI PENNY: Fancy Footwork + Big Announcement!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fancy Footwork + Big Announcement!

Before I get to the big exciting news of the day, I thought I'd share yesterday's outfit. As mentioned, we have been waiting years to see Chromeo — and after a few missed Chicago shows and festivals falling through, they finally played Columbus last night. Their manager was awesome enough to get me a photo pass. The Newport didn't end up even setting up the photo pit (why not?!?), but I got a couple of good shots nonetheless.

I only ended up taking my fixed 50mm thinking that there would be a pit. Chromeo's stage lights were insane and fun and made for great photos. I only wish I could have gotten closer! Either way, it was an amazing show. I hope to get to see them again soon!

Dave 1, pictured here, has some great style. While I was hoping he'd sport the awesome red leather jacket that I peeked in some photos of their earlier shows, he came out in a superb grey fitted suit, white oxfords, and wayfarers. While subtle, it played so classically with his gold Gibson and the band's signature lady legs keyboards. Both Dave 1 and P-Thugg played it cool on stage with the perfect amount of guy-'tude, flirty winks and waves, and we even caught a few smirks.

I spent the night dancing and singing along with all their tunes — and my only "disappointment" was that they didn't play J'ai Claque La Porte. But that's such a tiny complaint for a show that totally blew my mind! This year has been awesome and filled with YACHT, STRFKR, and now my favorite, Chromeo! What else could a girl ask for....?

And now for the big news.
I say this with a bittersweet tone. Bitter because I've lived in Columbus for the past six years of my life — I've grown up in Ohio and have made some great friendships here. While small, I like this place. And what about the sweet? Well, because today I accepted a job in Chicago.

That's right. As of November, I will officially be a resident of Chicago, Illinois. This is a goal (and dream) that I set for myself many years ago — after struggling through unemployment, heartbreak, disappointments, and all of those things that come with growing up, I'm now heading to the city in which I belong. I am so fortunate to have an amazing group of friends and family backing me up — including Geoffrey. Part of the bitter is that Geoffrey is staying here in Columbus whilst I go. We're going to work extra hard to make this work. Our plan is that eventually (hopefully not too long!) him and Kitty will come up and join me in the Windy City. Yes, that's right, Kitty is staying in Ohio, too.

I'm aware that the past couple of weeks have been moderately vague, but I wanted to keep this news hush hush until I knew for sure. Many tears have been shed (good and bad), but we know that this is the direction we'd like to go and we are both very optimistic and excited for the future!

What does this mean for you? Well, I'm going to be doing a huge shop my closet sale — and by "closet," I mean housewares, clothes, and more. Keep an eye out!

So I wanted yesterday's show outfit to be fun and convertible — I went with my DIY Velvet Playsuit (see the how-to here) and a denim oversized button up. It was nice for the rainy weather and the possibility of sweaty dancing. And yes, I wore those shoes to a concert. And yes, I danced in them. And no, my feet didn't hurt! ;)

Velvet playsuit, DIY
Honeycomb studded belt, Bakers
Denim oversized shirt, thrifted
Black tights, drug store
Kimchi Blue Suede Mary Jane Platforms, UO
Safari tapestry bag, thrifted
Studded bracelet, XXI

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