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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet the Sponsors

Meet Ashley Woods // Black Crystals Shop + Blog
Ashley is a lovely lady who loves archeology (so stinking cool!), kitties, and making kick ass jewelry. Her shop, Black Crystals, is full of handmade goodies — and I'm particularly in love with her necklaces (of course!). Ashley is also a full time student majoring in anthropology. In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping, creating art & jewelry, traveling, hanging out with my crazy cats, eating sushi, watching strange documentaries, and doodling on notebooks. My favorite piece by her is the Sea Urchin Spine necklace. What's yours? Bonus! Get 10% off in the Black Crystals shop when you use the code BlogFriends!

Meet Hannah // She Could Be a Pharmer in Those Clothes Blog
How could we not love the throwback Clueless reference? Hannah is ultra-adorable and has some great style! I love reading her progress on the 21 Day Challenge (something that I think I may have to try out!) and how she interprets each prompt. Hannah is also a grad student in the sciences, so you can expect some awesome information and craftiness mixed in with her personal style posts.

Meet Meanz // Koi Story Shop + Blog
I love Meanz's shop and blog! There's so much inspiration oozing from her pages that it's hard for me to focus! Not only does she amazing refashioning abilities (I'm series lusting after some of the shorties!), but I've also found out about other amazing blogs from her great linkage. I swear, she must be magic, 'cause she's managing DIY projects, a great blog, AND going to school all at the same time!

Meet Jen // Top Tier Social Media Website
And last (but certainly not least!), we have Jen from Top Tier Social Media. You may recognize her as the Editor-in-Cheif of My Beauty Bunny, a great award-winning and cruelty-free beauty blog. Top Tier Social Media is a social media marketing agency for beauty, fashion, health, and lifestyle brands. Jen claims that she spends "way too much time" on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, and LinkedIn — but heck, being the social media guru she is, can you blame her? :)

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