MINI PENNY: Review // Lime Crime Lip Noir in Glamour 101

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review // Lime Crime Lip Noir in Glamour 101

Image courtesy of Lime Crime's website
I must say that I am yet again pleased by the service and products of Lime Crime Makeup. After ordering from the brand new Lip Noir series that was released on September 1st, I had a pretty pink package waiting at my door for me today. You've probably noticed in the past that I've posted about the other Lime Crime lippies I love: Coquette and D'Lilac.

When Doe Deere and the Lime Crime team announced the line, I was extra excited for Chinchilla (a lavender grey) and the Glamour 101 (a deep red). I decided to be "practical" and order the Glamour 101. Yes, yes, I know that I also own lilac-colored lipstick. I'm not one to be practical per se, but I knew that I wanted a deep red for autumn.

Okay, let me clarify, too, that I really like this lipstick. I've been wearing it since I made the video and it has great staying power. My lips feel moisturized and soft and I'm didn't even prep them with primer! With all of those goodies, though, I am still a little disappointed in the color. I wanted it to be a deeper wine red, whereas it's closer to a cherry (and very close to my $1 Posh by E.L.F.). I'm going to be keeping it, though, because I do enjoy its texture and shine much more than the E.L.F. red. And heck, I don't want to be that person who's all butthurt about the red not being just a tinge darker. It really is beautiful!

Pros: great pigment, excellent texture, fast shipping, outstanding customer service, vegan, not testing on animals
Cons: price is a little steep ($16) for a red that I don't consider to be the end-all be-all (but that's my opinion! It's still very pretty!), The fuchsia packaging — I really wish they would have done something special for the tubes this round (maybe black or red to make them stand out from my other Lime Crime lipsticks?).

I still definitely recommend this if you're not already sitting on a red that you adore. It's a great makeup staple and I really am pleased to find a company that has such fun colors for a nice price and that are also animal-friendly. Next on my wish list? Chinchilla, of course! Pick your lippes up on Lime Crime's website. Hurry, the Lip Noir line is limited edition!

What colors do you wish Lime Crime offered? What's your current favorite?

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