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Friday, December 9, 2011

Love and Death

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I have been a bad blogger lately!

Between my now-full time job, getting enough sleep to function, and making runs to the post office, I feel like my time is super cramped. I dislike this feeling so much. Let's face it — taking my own outfit photos is tough. Sure, I have the tripod and remote, but I long for those days when Geoff and I would go on a walk to find a perfect location. Nowadays I'm just shooting against my living room wall. It's not bad, it's just not the same.

Regardless, I wish I could share more often with all of you. Yesterday I was so amped on my outfit but had zero energy by the time I got home from work. Bad excuse, yes. I'll get better.

Beyond that, I have many other things to share that I haven't been getting around to. My birthday weekend, for example, we awesome and I want to share the photos! This weekend is finally free for me and I'm going to queue up some goodies for the week. I've discovered new beauty products that I'm ready to review on YouTube also! Are you all excited?

Like I said, it's been hectic. I feel like 95% of my time is spent at (or regarding) work. Good things are coming though, I can feel it. I love being dedicated and I love being a hard worker. I only wish there were more hours in the day!

So, what's new with me? Well, my favorite news happens to be a new umbrella that I bought today. What's so great about an umbrella, you ask?

It's a cat! Yes, totally juvenile, but I'm in love with it. This cute critter actually makes me hope for rain. Isn't that crazy? But alas, I live in Chicago and it's December, which means....

We had our first dusting of snow this morning. I was pretty shocked when I left my apartment this morning as I slipped down the icy sidewalk. Time to break out the snow boots! Eek!

And to even further my holiday spirit, Geoff helped me put up the holiday tree whilst he was here. I bought this all-white tree many years ago from Target during their post-Xmas sale. It's one of my favorite buys – considering that it started at $200 and I only paid fifty! Gotta love those discounts. This year I have it decorated with teal, white and silver.

Keep a lookout for my birthday weekend post. I'm in the process of photographing new goodies for the Mini Penny Shop (finally!), so I hope you're excited!

Wide brim hat, UO
Basic pocket tank, thrifted
Vintage long black sweater, Chicago Vintage Bazaar
Ponte skirt, UO Surplus
Chain tassel necklace, UO
Black tights, H&M
Leifsdottir Katriina Wedges, Anthropologie

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