Monday, December 12, 2011

One O One

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Mark your calendars! December 12th is the day that I got my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. And let me tell you — I'm in love!

I know I've spoken of JCs in the past (mostly that I lust after them). But you also know how thrifty I am and that while I'd love (?) to drop a couple hundred buckaroos on a pair of shoes, it just isn't my thing. Besides, I wanted to make outfits without all the glitz and glam of the famous JCs. It's hard to explain, but makes sense to me.

Last week a Festivus miracle happened and I was able to get two pairs of these JCs One O Ones for twelve dollars each. Yes. Twelve, as in, less than $20USD. I ended up with these babes and the black/grey version. They arrived today and I was horrified that they may run too small. While they were difficult to pop my foot into, once I had them on, I was head over heels! Well, not literally or anything, but you get the point.

I still have a special place in my heart for all of my thrifted shoes and whatnot, and can even appreciate these Jeffrey Campbells a little more since I scored them for such an amazing deal. Oh, and what else? I squealed with delight when I saw that the shoes boxes have cats on them:


In other news, holiday work traffic is in full swing and my butt is totally kicked from the Xmas retail work load. Not to mention that it gets dark as early as 4:30pm and there is barely enough daylight here in Chicago to feel like I'm doing much with my days. Yikes! Now that I'm finally settled into routine, though, things are getting a tad easier.

I spent this past weekend knocking out some Etsy stuff (there are still more items to be listed!), updating my resume, and hanging out with one of my coworkers. I went out dancing on Saturday night for the first time in months — and it was wonderful. I like my life and my friends here, I'm happy, and I feel like great things are coming!

How has life been for my Minis? I have some serious blog-catching-up to do! Any exciting plans for your holidays?

Jeffrey Campbell One O Ones, UO
Black tights, H&M
Cognac faux leather shorts, UO Surplus
Sheer cape blouse, Forever 21
Nude triangle bra, UO

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