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Sunday, December 4, 2011


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Today Geoff and I wandered down to the Pulaski Park Field House for the Renegade Craft Show Holiday Sale. It was wonderful regardless of the heavy crowds. Being there and seeing all of those awesome vendors made me miss doing craft shows! Maybe I can kick start that again soon...?

There were so many great sellers. I really wish I could have just spent and spent and spent, but alas, I'm trying to be a frugal lady these days (key word: trying). I did end up scoring a few awesome prints and a ring, though!

First up is this bizarre sphynx print by Matt Cipov. He had multiple prints that involved these animal masks (and they were all really great!), but of course I had to settle for a kitty! The small map print was from Rar Rar Press. They had this super concept of "It's not that far really" — you buy the blank cards and then heart stamp two locations. Geoff and I got matching cards with stamps over Chicago and Columbus. Now when he goes home he can know that it's really, well, not that far!

I also picked up this cool "Everything is going to be okay" print from Row Boat Press. I'm going to wait until I hang it to share! I'm pretty sure I have the placing in mind already.

We hopped in the Magnolia Photo Booth and got the cutest little print of us giving kisses and making silly faces! The print is extremely good quality and they turned out to be too cute for words!

And finally, Geoff picked me up this awesome little ring from Cold Picnic. It's simple, yet lovely!

After we came home and napped for a short moment, we walked down to Heavenly Gelato and Ice Cream and got some gelato. It was cold outside, but I figured that I could find some reason to justify a cold treat. I ended up with Mexican Chocolate chipotle, Pistachio (so good!), and white chocolate raspberry.

So alas, it was a fun day. I wish the rain would have subsided, but you can't really win 'em all. We didn't end up making it to the zoo lights because of the weather, but we are aiming for it tomorrow. Who knows! Maybe we'll actually succeed this year. Until then, I'll just admire that crazy Griswold-esque house down the street from my apartment. Goodnight Minis!

Grey double-breasted cardigan, thrifted
Mesh and Sequin bustier lingerie, Rag-O-Rama
Vintage Guess? shorts, thrift + DIY
Skinny velvet belt, UO
Open knit tights, UO
Vintage leather boots, thrifted
Ring by Cold Picnic, Renegade Craft Fair

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