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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sticking Point

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A quick update this evening! I'm still somehow managing to be sick — that sore throat that developed right around my birthday is just not leaving. Yuck! I think my dry apartment is playing a big role in it sticking around. Now all I need is a humidifier!

These tights were a pleasant surprise. I thought I was buying normal striped tights, but when I opened them I noticed the cool chevron-like pattern. Aren't they lovely? The only thing that stinks, though, is how thin they are. I know they won't be lasting long!

Otherwise, I do have a giveaway post ready to go, so stay tuned...

Oversized sweater, thrifted
Mesh inset bodysuit, UO Surplus
Skinny velvet belt, UO
Red shorts, thrift + DIY
Chevron tights, UO
Kimchi Blue suede platform wedges, UO
Beaded necklace, Rag-O-Rama trade

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