MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // July 7

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekstagram // July 7

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Heat wave! Here's how I kept my cool this week with record high temperatures
  • Lauren moved to Chicago from Arizona! BFFs!
  • Gedi gifted me some incredible Acne Papers last weekend. This boy just keeps getting more and more impressive.
  • Coral + cream trimmed platform sandals. So comfy!
  • The Art Institute of Chicago is free the first and second Wednesday of every month! Lauren and I went on the Fourth of July.
  • We snapped some cute Polaroids on the beach before fireworks.
  • Iced soy chai and air conditioning at The Wormhole.
  • Gedi and I hit up the Indiana Dunes yesterday. Little did we know there were rip tide warnings and I have the bruises to prove it. I basically got pummeled by a wave and smashed into the shore. Ow. Otherwise, awesome day.
  • I found my dream home. It's pink.
  • Easily the best thing I've seen all week! "SLOW CAT XING" sign in Indiana. Give it to me!
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