MINI PENNY: Weekstagram // June 30

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekstagram // June 30

As many of you are aware, Instagram has been down and/or has had iffy service over the past couple of days thanks to some storms in Virginia, so I was unable to post this yesterday. My account has come back (sort of? I'm not really sure, it still seems spotty), and I had a super exciting week to share!

  • On Thursday the storms started rolling through the Midwest. I was at the train stop near my house and it was so dark at 11am that the automatic lights kicked on! And the clouds were crazy looking!
  • On Sunday I didn't make it to the Pride Parade, but instead went to see Moonrise Kingdom with Gedi. It was wonderful!
  • I met a fluffy 6-month-old puppy named Leo on Tuesday. My friend Matt has been dog walking this little guy while his owners are at work.
  • The Poshmark event on Thursday was pretty great, and I even got Nate in on the fun.
  • My newest obsession is neon yellow.
  • I spent Tuesday on the beach and *gasp* actually got a bit of a tan!
  • On Thursday I found out that I won a trip to Urban Outfitters home office! Easily the best news of the week.
  • New business cards came in, also. 
  • And Nate picked me up this leopard print iPhone case from J. Crew. I love my Vans case, but it doesn't slide into my pocket well. This J. Crew on is much slimmer... and it's gorgeous.
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