MINI PENNY: August Birchbox Review

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Birchbox Review

I'm going to go ahead and say it — another dud from Birchbox. I had a bad feeling when I opened my box and saw the "Beauty School" pamphlet. There was a lot with this box that just felt so juvenile. I feel like they're really aiming for the wrong demographic here and I'm not into it. So here's a look at my samples after the jump.

Showstoppers Fashion Tape When I saw these, I had a "Seriously?" moment. I get it, sure. Sometimes you've gotta tape your shirt down. I have absolutely zero interest in these — and not because I want my shirt flying open or bra straps slipping around, because I just don't need them.

Pixi Beauty Lid Last Shadow Pen I've seen this brand in Target before and was always curious. I didn't want to spend the money on any of these products and find out I wasn't into them. I will say that this eye crayon is pretty cool, except for the fact that it's Tinkerbell themed (what? why?) you don't seem to get much pencil for your $18. I used it with ELF primer and the shimmer lasted all day without creasing. This shade is barely visible on my skin and good for days when I want a natural look.

Schick HydroSilk Razor This is the biggest annoyance of my box. I don't really have any way to describe how I felt when I realized that Birchbox sent me a razor.

▲ theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen This works pretty well on my cheeks but not on my lips. And when they say stain, they MEAN stain. I used my index finger to apply and my pointer was bright red all. Aside from that, great color and smooth application! I'd like to try the pink!

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur I used to wear the original Juicy Couture fragrance and really liked it, but became bored. Now that they've released new additions, I'm even more bored with it. This has a nice fruity smell, but I would never actually purchase it. There are many other perfumes on my want list that are on the same price level and Juicy, so I'd rather pick up one of those.

So as I said, I'm pretty disappointed by this box. If this wasn't a free box for me, I'd be again canceling my subscription. I really feel like Birchbox is really dropping the ball, especially when I see what some of the other similar brands are doing with their product!

Did you get anything to write home about in your August Birchbox?

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