MINI PENNY: DIY Nebula Nails

Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Nebula Nails

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Well, tonight I couldn't sleep — thanks to accidental naps during the day and such — so I decided to finally give a try to galaxy nails! I used this Tutorial from Isobel Does Nails using the following colors:
  • Essie in Licorice (black base coat)
  • American Apparel in Cotton (white patches and "stars")
  • Wet 'n' Wild Fastdry in Teal of Fortune (blue nails)
  • Sally Hansen InstaDri in Lightening (highlight)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Deep Purple (Purple nails)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Bubblegum Pink (highlight)
  • Urban Outfitters glitter polishes in black, blue, and red (topcoats)
I found this to actually be very easy. I love Isobel's version, but mine really sparkle! They are a ton of fun to do and get creative with.

Tips? Definitely use a makeup sponge for the white patches and base colors. I made a dotting tool out of a pin for the stars. Just make sure to keep the tip of it clean so that you get even dots!

Happy nail painting :)

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