MINI PENNY: My Rainy, Lazy Sunday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Rainy, Lazy Sunday

Sometimes a rainy Sunday is just what you need.

This past weekend was lovely — as noted yesterday, I got to hit up the Savers opening on Saturday and had perfect weather. The evening was rather relaxed which lead perfectly into a lazy and hazy Sunday. See more after the jump.

First things first: my friend's roommate's cat, Atticus. Such a talkative perma-kitten darling that I absolutely adore.

We went to a little diner just around the corner from his place for some coffee and omelettes. I'm growing a little fond of Pilsen, actually. There are tons of murals and interesting little vintage shops to check out. Hopefully in the fall I'll have some time to explore a bit and add to my list of favorite stores!

We popped over to the Food Truck Social, but it was rather dead. I'm not sure if it was the rain or just the event itself, but we were there maybe a total of fifteen minutes before bailing.

Something I found exponentially more interesting was an architectural salvage in Ukranian Village called Salvage One. The architectural salvages in Columbus that I had grown used to were rather cluttered and unorganized, but this spot had nicely set-up room environments. There were some pretty nice mid-century style pieces of furniture that I fawned over and their prices didn't seem terribly over the top for their carefully curated space. With some hunting, though, most of these pieces could be picked up elsewhere for much cheaper. As with most collections like this, you're obviously paying for the convenience.

They did have some rather interesting picks, like this Skeeball machine and some random metal letters lying around. There were some killer bars (obviously no use to me or most other shoppers) and other interesting old-school games as well.

Something I was rather surprised to see were the stacks upon stacks of movie reels. They had so many that they were actually using strips of the film to create "curtains" in between rooms. I took a quick look and it seemed like a lot of them were Bollywood-esque pictures. A little part of me hurt seeing these spliced up for what might be a temporary display, but I guess in the end it's good that they're getting recycled in some fashion and appreciate.

This is a spot I wouldn't mind checking out every couple of months. There were a lot of similar stores in the area as well if you're on the lookout for some new digging ground.

After the salvage we picked up some coffee at WestTown Bakery and sat on the patio for a bit, protected from the rain. Late in the afternoon, I got dropped me off at home where I finished my closet clean up and desk set up in my room (finally). It's say that it was a much-deserved and needed lazy Sunday.

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