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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm in a book!

A while ago — I would say roughly over a year — I was contacted by Christopher Bonanos, an editor at New York magazine who was working on a book about something pretty dear to my heart: The Story of Polaroid.

The email was about the image above, something I shot in fall of 2009 after my good friend Scott Santee tattooed this Polaroid Land Camera 100 on my thigh. He was interested in using it for his book and I was happy to give permission!

A lot of time passed and I lost contact with Mr. Bonanos (my email address at the time was with MobileMe and I lost that account, and so on). Just a few weeks ago I even thought to myself, gee, I wonder if that ever got published?

Fast forward to yesterday when my friend Angus and I were shopping at the Urban Outfitters downtown. I glanced at the book table in passing and saw the new Polaroid book. When I realized it was the same author, I started flipping through it immediately and found my image!

Fun, right? I was so excited and had to Tweet at Chris immediately. Upon digging a little deeper, it seems as though the book was just released — how coincidental that I stumbled upon it yesterday! I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, but the reviews are great and I'm excited to dive into it after the move. If you're interested in reading it for yourself, head over to Amazon and buy a copy!

Extra: Check out the Vimeo preview

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