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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mini Penny is Moving

Work hard. Be nice to people.

It's almost exactly one year that I have been living in Chicago. Many of you have followed me along my journey and transition here. I love Chicago and I'm still in a honeymoon mindset. Seriously — I just f*king adore this place. The people, the architecture, my job, my coworkers, my friends, the cycling community, the coffee shops, the neighborhoods, the bloggers — everything.

But recently I've been feeling a bit bittersweet.

You see, I'm moving away next week.

Many of you have watched me struggle. It's hard to live in an expensive city. I've been open about my obstacles. I've also become much more open about what I do for a day job — working retail. So many of you understand and I have been able to connect with my readers because, honestly, that's what I am as well. I'm a reader. I'm a sharer. I'm a person whose life doesn't look like a Pinterest board (as much as I would love it to). And finally, after all of these years of struggling with finding my path in this crazy world, I'm on my way.

Last week I accepted a job at the Urban Outfitters Home Offices in Philadelphia. I will be moving there next week, leaving my retail location, to begin a career as their our Social Media Manager. This means that I get to Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram for a living. This is my dream job.

What does it mean for Mini Penny? The blog will continue as it has been. Obviously this profession is going to give me so many cool new stories and opportunities to meet interesting people and go different places. I'm going to be in a new city and surrounded by an entirely new group of people. I'm going to be super close to New York City and DC, which can be exciting all around.

And Philadelphia is very fresh to me and I have so much to explore.

The Mini Penny Shop, on the other hand, will be going on a hiatus. I'm not sure if it's something I will pick back up down the line, but my plate is going to be so full (as it has been the past couple of weeks), that I just don't want customers to have expectations that I may not be able to meet. With that being said, everything in my Etsy Shop is 50% off when you use the code PHILADELPHIA at checkout. Everything has to go. Whatever doesn't will be donated.

And Chicago. Oh, Chicago...

You have been my best friend and my worst enemy. I've fallen in and out of lust with you. You've broken my heart and mended it a hundred times. For every bad thing that has happened, something equally as exciting has taken its place. I have been so fortunate to be included in an amazing group of bloggers and the Chicago Blogger Network. I cannot send enough thanks to the incredible PR companies, Refinery 29, Urban Outfitters Chicago, and everyone in between who has given me a voice and allowed me to take this path. It is every single person that I have met in the past year that has shaped me — and it's only in the past few weeks that I've come to realize how much I've grown since landing here in the Windy City.

I have shed so many tears since I accepted the position, both happy and sad. In all fairness, there are days when I have questioned my day job and my personal projects. And now, finally, I'm seeing them converge in the most perfect of ways. I don't believe in karma and I don't believe in fate, but I do believe in hard work and passion. I believe in trusting your struggle.

I'm sad to say goodbye to a city that I love so much.
And I'm so happy to greet Philadelphia with open arms.

Expect only a few postings between now and when I arrive in Philadelphia on October 25th. I am working on saying all of my goodbyes to the amazing friends I have made during my time here.

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  1. I've been reading abour your journeys for the year and a half and I must admit that I'm hooked! You have such great energy. You're REAL. And it makes me feel better when you're open to share both the good and BAD because, hey, this is reality. But you make life fun and vibrant. I learn a lot from you, even though we don't know each other. Sending positivity towards you. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure in Philly!


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