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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's New, Pussycat?

So, Hurricane Sandy has passed us and left Philadelphia pretty tame. I wish I could say the same for my friends in New York. Lou and I spent the entire day inside yesterday — and I was admittedly horrified. The only experience I've ever had with hurricanes is the relief work I did post-Hurricane Katrina. So, yeah, I've seen how ugly it can be. I was glued to Twitter watching updates from all over.

But, Sandy seemed detour around Philly. We got wind and rains, but nothing too bad. SEPTA (our public transit system) opened back up today at noon and we ventured into Center City to get some lunch.

Speaking of SEPTA, I've discovered how much it isn't like the Chicago CTA. You have to use tokens (TOKENS?!) and it's sort of [really] dirty. And scary. I think I'll at least just stick to the trains.

So, aside from that, we ended up at Su Xing House. Their menu was all vegetarian. I got the bean curd with black bean sauce and Lou opted for the sesame seitan. Both were pretty amazing and really hit the spot. And who can hate on any place that gives fortune cookies...?

So a big thanks goes out to my temporary roommate, Lou Caltabiano, for taking these photos. He really does great work and I'm excited for us to collaborate together on some projects!

Cat Sweater, Forever21
Chain necklace, Forever 21
Silver Choker, Urban Outfitters Surplus
Sheer collared shirt, Urban Outfitters Surplus
Faux Leather Leggings, Second Hand
D&O Faux Suede Heels, Urban Outfitters Surplus
Camo Surplus Jacket, Belmont Army Surplus
Skull bracelets, Urban Outfitters

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