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Saturday, March 1, 2014

30DFC Day 1 // My Closet

Three years ago, around the time I first started Mini Penny, one of my earliest features was a Tumblr-list-esque feature called 30 Day Fashion Challenge. I had found this list and decided to use it to start getting my content off the ground — getting used to my writing, sharing my closet, and more — as I started figuring out how I wanted to do outfit posts and thrift roundups.

In celebration of my upcoming blog birthday, I've decided to revisit this concept. I have, of course, changed a couple of the list items slightly to better fit the current Mini Penny. And without a doubt, I will be linking back to the previous 30DFC post so you all can see how I've changed (or haven't).

So the first on the list is something I love sharing and viewing: closets. I'm fascinated by Pinterest boards dedicated to how people store and organize their clothes and shoes.

In my first post, I was living in a basement apartment with my ex-boyfriend Geoff. We had a pretty small space and a small closet to boot. I had half of a sliding door and had to have additional cabinet storage for my shoes and folded clothes. Yeah, I didn't even have a dresser then (my previous Ikea one didn't survive to move. Not surprised, haha). Check out 30 Day Fashion Challenge // My Closet post from 2011 for the old photos (they're not fantastic, but organized nonetheless).

It's sort of crazy looking at an old photo of my closet, seeing a piece and thinking, "dang it, why'd I get rid of that?!"

It's no secret that I loved (and miss!) my amazing Philadelphia "closet." As some of you may remember, I had a 3BR house in South Philly and used the middle room as my closet. It was so awesome having a space like this! If I had stayed in this space longer, I certainly would have invested in some buildout rather than just the Ikea metal racks.

And onto my current closet...

I'm back to having the double sliding doors. ARGH! I swear that they are the bane of my existence. When I first moved to Chicago in 2011, I had the kind that would fold open so that I could look at my entire wardrobe at once. Boy, that was nice. I was also able to fit all of my shoes in that closet. Now that I have limited space in Candyland, I have to have the hamper in the closet and shoe storage is a bit limited. Yep, still using that weird white shoe stacking thing I had back in Columbus!

Regardless, I still organize all of my clothing by color. I normally throw winter coats on the left regardless of shade and then begin with ROYGBIV, Grey, White, Black, and then hanging pants/skirts. It's pretty simple to keep organized and I layer flannels over tanks to save room. I fold sweaters and place them on the shelf along with bags and hats, while the very tippy top shelf is used for storage of out of season items (ie: this shelving plan is going to change very soon!)

As you may have noticed in my Candyland tour, I'm still struggling with the shoe thing. Some are in the closet, some are on these white shelves, and some are under the dresser. I'm not sure what my solution will be for this, unless of course I build some sort of cool shelving to replace the current set.

While I used to use a desk as a vanity in my previous home, I'm now using my dresser. It's not ideal, but it works for the small space. I'm still loving the mid-century chest of drawers, so I'm extra careful not to let my makeup routine cause it any damage!

What do your closets look like? Are you lucky enough to have a walk in? What's the one thing that you have a ton of? (My answer: shoes!)

Be sure to compare the 30DFC // My Closet post from 2011

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