MINI PENNY: 30DFC Day 10 + 12 // Nail Polish Collection + Biggest Splurge

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

30DFC Day 10 + 12 // Nail Polish Collection + Biggest Splurge

As a part of Mini Penny's blog birthday, I'm taking a look back at one of my first series — The 30 Day Fashion Challenge. Check back every day for a look at how big of a difference three years can make!

Well, I sort of dropped the ball this week on doing this every day. Yesterday's post was my hidden entry for an outfit I wear on special occasions, but I got so wrapped up in Monday's Nashville recap that I totally missed the mark on sharing my nail polish collection. So today I'm combining numbers ten and twelve: nails and splurges.

Three years ago, I posted about my inspiration for the 30DFC. I've decided to change it to my nail collection. I get inspiration from everywhere — including nail art!

I have a variety of different containers that I use for my nail art collection. The metal tins are vintage and I purchase new plastic containers for glitter and other embellishments. The small tin holds dotting tools, some embellishments, brushes and decals, while the large tin has all of my nail polish. I have stamping sets, but need a binder for them. Any suggestions?

And the inside of my large box looks like this. I categorize my polishes by brand, not by color (which is how I organize most other things in my home). I do this to try and achieve some sort of uniform height and shape with the caps of bottles. This is another reason why I'm so fond of bottles that are square, uniform shapes — they fit better! And to make my selection easier, I use a dotting tool to mark the top of each cap with its color. I am starting to run out of space, so I either need to get a new box or find another solution! How do you store your polishes?

My biggest splurge? Well, I like to pride myself in my frugal-ness (frugality?). So my "biggest splurge" was actually a bunch of small splurges. Last fall, I drove down to Louisville for NastyGal's warehouse sale. I ended up spending around $400-$500, but got out of there with about fifteen pairs of ShoeCult and Jeffrey Campbell shoes, some great clothes, and a few accessories. It was totally worth the drive and I'm looking forward to when they have their next one (road trip, anyone?!).


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